Levan Qoqiashvili

Gastronaut Co-Founder CEO;
Co- founder, Executive director of Gastronomic Association of Georgia;
Bocuse d’Or Georgia Project manager;

Restaurateur, Forbes Georgia blogger, developer the entrepreneur;
“The Khachapuri Tradition in Georgia” project’s co-author;
Сertified Sommelier (WSET level II), experienced project manager in the field of hospitality with the 15 years background, skilled in
• the international project management with the world’s leading gastronomic media brands;
• restaurant consulting;
• HoReCa business development/ marketing, strategies & startups


In addition to restaurant consulting, Levan has several years of experience as a food writer, a gastronomy expert blogger for Forbes Georgia, and a TV program moderator on the topic of Georgian hospitality market for BMG.

Food Myths and that Dreaded Soviet Salad

“Gastronaut” Puts Georgia on World Gastronomy Map

სოლიდარობა და მხარდაჭერა სწორედ ისაა, რისი გაზიარებაც ნამდვილად შეგვიძლია

Georgia the art of feast


Gastronomy is the great common denominator among all countries and races, bringing people together. Levan is known for his passion for traveling in search of the common ground, he loves experiencing new foods, restaurants discovering and exploring new gastronomy destinations and culinary cultures all around the world.


San Sebastian




Levan is the co-founder and the executive director of Gastronomic Association of Georgia- the one and the only non-profitable organization in Georgia, to unite all the best professionals in the field of gastronomy and hospitality in the country, using the scientific approaches and international practices.

With the main philosophy and strategy to pin the Georgian cuisine on the world’s gastronomic map, the organization is involved into different gastronomic researches, to rediscover lost and forgotten Georgian recipes and spread it with the local and international hospitality community and to put the best of the products in the intangible cultural heritage list of Georgia, followed up by UNESCO as the final goal to achieve.

(On January 22nd, 2019 with the order of the National agency for cultural heritage of Georgia- - The tradition of the authentic Georgian Khachapuri –worldwide famous pastries, was given the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia.)

Also, the organization is known for its outstanding collaborations with the world’s leading brands of the field like Bocuse d’Or, UNWTO, Slowfood org, Gastronomic University of Bra, The World’s 50 Best.

Supporters and partners: USAID/ GNTA/Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia


Business coach and consultant in the hospitality industry with an over 15 years of practise.

The Gastronaut CEO (horeca business development, consulting and creative agency), based in Tbilisi. The leading consulting agency for the restaurants in Georgia, providing different services like: restaurant concept & philosphy, branding, interior design, marketing & communications, F&B menu development, quality control & monitoring, trainings, legal issues and business plans.

Best of the projects done: Barbarestan Restaurant, Puri Guliani Bakery & Kitchen, Brotmeister, Esquisse Boutique Hotel, Bocuse d’Or Georgia contest etc..

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